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Chive flower in backyard.
Chive Flower in Backyard
Southern Saskatchewan dry valley.
Saskatchewan Valley - September 2006
Alien weed leaf grows in my backyard.
Alien plants grow in my backyard!
The Shrimper cat face
Shrimper cat faces the camera.
The maturing Shrimper cat.
Shrimper cat matures into a guy with an attitude.
Wild flower on the hills of the Beaver Valley, Ontario.
Wild flower on the hills of the Beaver Valley, Ontario.
Sims the most loveable cat ever.
We'll always remember and love Sims.
Sasha Siberian Husky.
As she becomes a middle aged lady, Sasha remains the eternal puppy.
My Pinks (Dianthus) made it through the winter.
PINKS are a perennial/biennial, and this potted plant survived a Toronto winter and blooms again.
Big Bee On A Dandelion.
A big carpenter bee took a liking to the backyard dandelions and the camera. He was back the next day, hovering a foot or so away from me and just staring me in the face! Males have no stingers, but they are territorial and will try to intimidate you.
Early Spring Forest Flower In Southern Ontario - Red Trillium
Scattered about within the traditional white trillium, are the red ones!
Early Spring Forest Flower In Southern Ontario - Trilliums
Mid May in Southern Ontario's spring brings out the provincial flower. Trilliums cover the Oak Ridges Moraine forest floor just north of Toronto, Canada.
Early Spring Forest Flower In Southern Ontario - The Trout Lily
Early spring forest flower in Southern Ontario - The Trout Lily, named after it's distinctive mottled leaves that resemble the markings of a speckled trout.
Shrimper cat displaying his sweet carnivorous side.
Shrimper cat displays his sweet carnivorous side.
Sumac trees glow in the fall light.
Fall 2008 in Southern Ontario. Sumac trees in the Ross Lord Dam Park in Toronto glow with colour.
Beaver Dam Creates A Lake North Of Combermere, Ontario
A Beaver Dam Creates It's Own Lake North Of Combermere, Ontario (Madawaska Highlands).
Fall Leaves
Fall 2008 In Southern Ontario Was Great For Leaf Colours.
Fly On Chive Flower
Iridescent Fly On A Chive Flower.
Sims the Tabby Cat
Sims the Tabby Cat.
It Snowed In Toronto In March
My suburban Toronto street endures another March snow storm.